A Few Things I Love
(Besides Photographing Your Kids)

Opening the mailbox to a handwritten letter makes me smile immediately. I listen to podcasts more than music, although I do love some 80s, power ballads and a few top 40s so I can stay in the know. Baseball games with hot dogs and popcorn are always great. I picked up a reading habit a few years ago and now I’m trying to do the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge. I’m also trying to be just like my mom and get into a few book clubs. This last one might be a dealbreaker for you, but I don’t drink coffee. If I say “let’s grab coffee” know that it’s only because it’s so much catchier than saying “let’s meet up for hot chocolates".

Whether you'd like to be a client, friend, or both, I would love to chat. Send over an email and let’s plan to get together. I'm currently based in Los Angeles, but will be in the Bay Area once a month so if you’re in San Francisco, Marin, Palo Alto, etc send an email and let’s get something on the calendar! I’m also available to travel anywhere and everywhere.

EMAIL alyssa@alyssahunter.com
PHONE 949.633.9444
LOCATION Los Angeles, CA