This little firecracker is Ava, who is just about the sweetest little girl I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. If you have a session with me, you'll know that I highly encourage snacking for the kids- being a model is hard work! Ava gave the biggest smiles when she was promised some of her favorite gummy candies. There's nothing like those smiles that are just begging for the snacks. We spent time at Family House celebrating how brave and happy she is.

Ava was first diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency when she was just 6 months old in May 2014. Ava is now 3 years old. She is at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford University undergoing a life saving stem cell transplant.

Right now Ava is fighting multiple infections and in strict isolation in her hospital room for the remainder of her hospital stay. She is filled with so much happiness, she’s a bright little girl, with her positive energy and unique character, you wouldn’t even tell she’s sick. That’s how strong our little girl is. She’s our inspiration.
— Erica, Ava's Mother
There were no words to describe how we felt about Ava’s diagnosis. We were torn into pieces and severely heartbroken. But we knew being strong for her is what she needed. We were in disbelief at first, we knew we needed to act fast to save our baby girl. We did everything we could, and we are extremely blessed to have her here with us today. We love her so much!
— Erica
My advice to other parents going through a similar situation is always have faith and stick together! Our babies need us at this most critical time. Mommies and daddies are what get them through the most toughest and hardest days of their lives while fighting this. Love one another and cherish every day you have with your families.
— Erica

Ava gives the biggest hugs, has the most contagious laugh and is my newest little buddy. I had such a fabulous time photographing her in the best spring outfit I've seen all year. She is truly such a beautiful girl inside and out. I can't wait to see her again soon.

Ava is a real life Snapchat filter- and my favorite one at that!