I often find myself working 7 days a week with little to no time doing anything for myself. That's what starting a business looks like. It's a lot of sacrifice, but I love what I do so it's definitely worth it. One of those sacrifices is not seeing my best friend in THREE whole years! We talk all the time so it doesn't feel like all of that time has gone by but it has and I can't believe it. Are you missing your BFF yet?

For reference, this is Kelly and here are some fun facts about her. It may come as no surprise, but Kelly is also a photographer who specializes in wedding and outdoor photography. She's always on a mountain or climbing a tree. I think her spirit animal is a deer, at least it is on Snapchat when they have the filter. She got me through my last year at RIT, roomed with me in Cuba, ate countless loaves of bread at the Cheesecake factory with me and the only witness to my first and only speeding ticket. We've been through it all. She is fulfilling my dreams of planning girl trips and exploring new places. (She's a major adventurer!)

For our first trip, we couldn't decide where to go, but Kelly has never been to California and I had just moved into my new studio apartment so it seemed perfect that Kelly would fly out west and we would do all things California.

*Kelly texted me the day before her flight left to tell me it just snowed...in April...I don't miss New York.

We went to Union Square and explored until grabbing lunch at Cheesecake Factory (because we had to). Then we found our way to the Ferry building to see the Bay Bridge. It was the first nice weekend in what felt like forever so we walked along the Embarcadero until we were at Pier 39, where the sea lions live. It was at this point where I was really craving ice cream. We headed towards Ghirardelli Square, where the line was insane so we opted for the free chocolate and a ride to Easy Breezy, my all time favorite froyo shop! After that we headed to Golden Gate Park to see the bison, pretty light and how beautiful GGP really is. We ended the night at Lands End, another place I always take out of towners to. We saw the sunset and life could not have been greater.

We were out of the house by 7am to catch the last of the sunrise at the Marin Headlands. It was extra foggy, which a visitor from Germany complained about, but was pretty San Francisco if you ask me. We walked down a trail to Kirby Cove and swung on swings. It wouldn't be right if we didn't go to brunch afterwards. We visited as many viewpoints as we could before we started turning into pumpkins. We managed enough energy for sushi though.

Over the next few days, we drove down the coast to hike the Hollywood sign, get dinner in Laguna beach, spend the day at Disneyland and California Adventure, explore Joshua tree and drive back up the coast for the saddest see ya soon I've experienced in quite some time. Here are some photos of our time together.

I don't know where our next trip will take us, but for now you can catch Kelly running Poppyseed Photography or climbing trees on Instagram