I’m Alyssa, and I'm a family and kids party photographer living in San Francisco. I choose to spend so much of my time around kids because they are all sass, tell it like it is kinds of people. They are bold, inquisitive and fearless. I love running around with them, making them smile, and seeing the world through their eyes.

A few fun facts about me are that I love handwritten letters but am not in love with email (when did I have time to sign up for all of these newsletters?!). I am addicted to podcasts and have tons of recommendations, but I can't stand audiobooks. I am a huge Angels fan, but I live in a city that is home to my least favorite team, the Giants. I will always get a side of french fries but never onion rings. If you ever want to grab dessert, I'm your girl!

Whether you'd like to be a client, friend or both, I would love to chat via email, phone or meet in person and grab a hot chocolate! Although I'm currently based in San Francisco, I'll slowly be working on relocating to Los Angeles this summer so I'd love to connect with anyone in the LA/OC area.

EMAIL alyssa@alyssahunter.com
PHONE 949.633.9444
LOCATION Los Angeles, CA